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Guangdong Qiguang Group Co., Ltd is well-known as a large steel construction enterprise, which consist of five major sections, Amusement Equipment, Green House, Product Manufacturing, Engineering and Construction, and Investment Development. In recent years, Qiguang Group becomes strategic partners with domestic and international famous enterprises. The registered capital is RMB168.88 million, its annual steel production capacity is more than 120,000 tons, and its annual total output value is more than RMB 2 billion.
Guangdong Qiguang Group Co., Ltd is warmhearted in the public social welfare institutions, and contribute to the community of more than RMB10 million in recent years. As devoting to relief portable shelter for Wenchuan Earthquake,Qiguang Group was awarded the honorary title of "Earthquake Relief Workers Vanguard". Qiguang Group is awarded the national excellent construction enterprise, the national steel industries, and the title of “the Most Competitive Enterprises”,“Integrity of China Top 100 Private Companies”, “Chinese Famous Brand”, “China Quality Credit AAA Level Enterprise’, “Private Technology Enterprises in Guangdong Province”, “Dongguan Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise”, “Dongguan Defends the Contract Heavy Credit Enterprise” etc.
Dongguan Yixin Steel Co., Ltd.(NO.1Factory·Light Steel)   Guangdong Qiguang Steel Structure Co., Ltd
(No.2 Factory·Heavy steel)
Zhuhai Fumao Steel Structure Co., Ltd (No.3 Factory·light steel)   Yijian Green House Co., Ltd
Dongguan Kaijiyue Steel Structure Material Co.,Ltd.
A new plant for Dongguan Yixin Steel Co., Ltd. (under building)   Fujian Qiguang Steel Structure Co., Ltd.
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